Abhinav's Notes

Notes for the Week

In the week of 21st October 2023, I went out for a run with a friend.

On last Sunday, I caught few hours of festivities. We went out to a puja/carnival in the neighbourhood, walked around and got the baby some toys.

On Monday, I went out for a morning run with Akshay. Originally we had decided to start at 7 am, but since it was our first run together, we messed up the logistics and timing, and were able to start only by 7:50 am. Despite it being too warm for a pleasant run, we managed to run a loop of the Cubbon Park, and some more. It was fun not running alone. We had some problems matching our paces but we figured it out in a while, and talked about random things (mostly running things) while we ran. Afterwards, we had breakfast at Koshy’s.

Besides the usual work-childcare-Netflix routine, this week I somehow gathered enough mental energy to finish some of my long-pending paperwork chores. It took less that an hour but the first five minutes were the hardest. I absolutely detest doing paperwork. I wish I could say that I’m free of them now, but the adult life just mean more and more paperwork coming in every week.

In other news, I got a new phone and spent few hours playing with it. My condition (small hands) requires me to use small phones, but this allegedly small phone happens to be 6.1 inch. I swear I remember phones above 6 inches used to be big phones couple of years earlier. I hope this biggifying trend stabilizes soon; I certainly can’t hold phones any bigger than this.

On Sunday — that is today — after a whole week of missing runs, I went for an eight km run. Even though I started late in the morning, thankfully the sky was mostly overcast. I ran in heart rate zone two, and finished the run in 70 minutes. I am liking how I can now run longer distances without tiring myself out.

That’s it for this week! Stay safe and take your vitamin supplements.