Abhinav's Notes

Notes for the Week

In the week of 14th October 2023, I have been tired most of the time.

The last week have been more tiring than usual. The Durga Puja and Dussehra festivals are in full swing in India, but I’ve been spending most of my time between work and taking care of the baby.

I registered for the 10k running race in Bengaluru Midnight Marathon that is to happen in December, but my training has been going dreadfully. I did not manage to do a single run this week.

I did however, manage to watch the entire first season of Bocchi the Rock!. It was a nice break from all the action, mystery and adventure shows that I usually watch. BtR! is a music focussed slice-of-life anime, which has always been one of my favourite genres. The portrayal of the social anxiety ridden protagonist was a bit over the top, but I sort of identified with her from my own similar teenage experience. When reading about the anime on Wikipedia, I found that the four members of the main Rock band in the show are named after the four members of Asian Kung-Fu Generation, one of my favourite J-Rock bands.

I also watched a full movie with family in one sitting this week: Chupke Chupke. I have vague memories of watching it as a child in 1900s. It was more fun this time around as I understood all the adult humour.

I hope to catch at least some of the festivities today evening. The next week is also looking to be an exhausting one.

That’s it for this week! Go out and have some fun.