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Notes for the Week

In the week of 14th October 2023, I am trying to restart my practice of writing.

I realize that I have not written weeknotes in almost three years. In fact, I’ve not written anything much in this year. I’ve not been reading much either1. But I happened to subscribe to some new blog feeds in my feed reader, thanks to my friend Ankur’s post, and stumbled upon some weeknotes therein. So I decided to write a note just for the heck of it. Don’t expect greatness in here.

I started to write my Mastodon Digest project in Rust (as dictated by the Fediverse), as a mean of learning Rust. Unfortunately, very soon I ran into some bugs in the Mastodon library I am using (I reported them). That, coupled with how hard it is to debug Rust code written by others, specially as a beginner, sort of damped my enthusiasm. However, just writing some code for myself, and even fighting these bugs, had somewhat calming effect on my anxiety. I slept better that night, as corroborated by my smartwatch.

I used the momentum to go back to my one of my old personal projects (a small Lisp with coroutines that compiles to JavaScript), that I had abandoned more that a year ago after running into a tricky bug. I still haven’t fixed the bug, but I was able to get the context back in my head after a couple of hours of staring at the code.

My work work has been interesting lately. However, that means more work. Sometimes I find myself working from home late into night. It’s fun, but I need to balance it better.

On the exercise front, last week I started training for a 10km race to be held on 16th December. This time, I’m following Garmin’s daily suggested workouts instead of a Garmin Coach plan. However, I’ve not been able to be consistent. Last week I did a 7.5km run, but then I didn’t run at all this week.

I’m planning to not go out anywhere this weekend and just relax at home.

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  1. Becoming a parent of a small human tends to do that to people.