Abhinav's Notes

June 2021 in Retrospect

Here’s what went in my head in June 2021, in no particular order.


I like writing. It’s therapeutic. It’s also hard. I’m not used to it. I need good pens. I can write a lot.


I have anxiety about going out, falling sick, meeting strangers, unknown future. I am trying to be less anxious.


I often obsess about my health. Sleeping well is good for my health.

Going out

I want to go out more. I love going out for runs, walks and cycling. Going out makes me feel hopeful.


My childhood defines me more strongly than I ever realized. I often go back to my childhood memories.


I am glad that the lockdowns are being relaxed. I hope things get back to normal soon.


I procrastinate a lot. I feel too lazy or distracted or scared to pick up personal projects or hobbies. I am trying to set up a routine to fight this and be more productive.

Old friends

Some old friends connected over Telegram. It’s nice to meet them again after so long. It’s weird to talk to them now that most of them have moved on to have complex personal lives.


It’s hard to plan for a long term career. More so when I have to align it with my family’s plans. I want a job working on PL and compilers. Maybe.

Moving abroad

My wife and I want to move out of India at some point in future. We are researching about job opportunities, lifestyles and immigration policies.


Working at Google triggers my imposter syndrome regularly. But I’m glad to be here, and I want to use this opportunity to the fullest.


I miss my friends a lot. I was really happy to visit them this month. I had a lot of fun in our short visit. I want to move closer to them. Why do all my friends have cats?


I love reading reading books. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot. I wish I had started reading books earlier in in my life.

Separate office space

It’s hard to work from home where there is no separation between home and office spaces. I need a separate office space and I am looking for it.