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2020-08-09 Edit

Sleep Analysis

Last summer I got a Garmin 245 smartwatch which tracks sleep and I’ve been wearing it to bed every night. It’s been a year since so I decided to play around with the data captured till now. I downloaded my data from the Garmin Connect website by hitting the right API using curl, did some analysis using jq and termgraph and made some charts using Google Sheets.

I like to sleep. I sleep quite a lot. So first chart is the histogram of my sleep duration over last one year:

Sleep duration histogram Sleep duration histogram

As expected, it is a Normal Distribution, with a peak around eight hours.

Next is the histogram of my sleep and wakeup times:

Sleep/wakeup time histogram Sleep/wakeup time histogram

Again a Normal Distribution, indicating that I usually fall asleep around 10:30 PM and wake up around 7:00 AM.

Here’s how my sleep of last one year looks like broken up by sleep stages:

Sleep timeline Sleep timeline

You can see that I’m a pretty light sleeper. Most of my sleep is either light or REM stages.

Looking at the distribution for sleep duration by stages, here’s light and REM stages:

Light/REM duration histogram Light/REM duration histogram

And here’s the histogram for deep and awake stage durations:

Deep/awake duration histogram Deep/awake duration histogram

So, I usually have five hours of light sleep and three hours of REM sleep. My deep sleep duration is almost zero and I’m usually awake for 5–10 minutes.

It is interesting to get these insights into my sleep patterns. I hope to use it make my sleep even better. Until next time, happy napping!