Abhinav's Notes

Health Effects of the COVID-19 Lockdown

I’ve always liked digitally tracking my life. I have 14 years of music I’ve played tracked on last.fm. I track my physical activities on Strava. Last summer I got another addition to my life-tracking capabilities: a Garmin 245 smartwatch. Since then, I’ve been (occasionally) obsession over my health metrics that the watch tracks.

Due to CoViD-19 spreading in India, I’ve been working from home since the beginning of March 2020. My lifestyle has changed a lot because of being locked in my house. I can no longer take walks with my wife, go for runs around the lake or commute to my workplace on my bicycle. There has been a tremendous drop in my active life.

Weekly ride distance Weekly ride distance

Weekly run distance Weekly run distance

Accordingly, the active time and the number of steps has also gone down quite a bit.

Monthly active minutes Monthly active minutes

Monthly step count Monthly step count

On the positive side, by eating home-cooked vegetarian food for every meal, my weight has gone down by 5 kilograms! I cant’t remember when I was at this weight last time in my life.

Weight Weight

My sleep amount has been somewhat variable but overall the same as before.

Weekly sleep hours Weekly sleep hours

Overall, after the initial period of confusion, I’m feeling quite settled in this new lifestyle now. As a bonus, I’m listening to more music now that I’m working from home.

Monthly tracks listens Monthly tracks listens